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Great Discussion Starter About the Cold War

If you have ever watched anything on Discovery or TLC or History Channel, at some point you’ve probably heard the fabulous voice of Mike Rowe. Among other projects, Mike has an awesome podcast called The Way I Heard It. He takes events or people that are well-known and adds a unique storytelling element to them that creates quite a bit of suspense. Most episodes are only about six minutes long, but they pack a powerful punch.

I was listening to one episode the other day, and I heard an amazingly interesting story that will definitely pique your students’ interest. You need to listen to “Episode 3: Clean Up on Aisle Four.” I don’t want to give away what or who the story is about, but this episode would be a GREAT little tidbit to add to your discussions somewhere in your unit about the Cold War. (I don’t want to get too specific or it might ruin the effect of the story.  Sorry!) If you want to skip the intro stuff, you can jump to the 40-second mark. The total story only lasts about four minutes, but that four minutes is enough to make an impact.  (The episode should be embedded below.)

Classroom Uses

  • This would be a great bell-ringer or discussion-starter to begin class.
  • You could have students listen to this and complete a free-write.
  • Use this to help your students develop better listening skills.
  • Have students complete Window Notes on the podcast to encourage students to actively listen and then process the info.  (Here’s an example of Window Notes that I used in an earlier post.  Essentially you have them divide their paper into 4 sections.  Each section deals with a reading passage or listening exercise from different learning perspectives/styles.  Can be formal or informal.)  With Window Notes, you may want to listen to the podcast twice.

Isn’t it a great story?!  If I come across any more episodes that I think would work in class, I’ll post more later!

Photo used in accordance with licensing from Clipart.com.

Cool Photo of the Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

This is one of those historical photos that I just LOVE!  It reminds me that the people in those black and white photos were real people…and they had real emotions and real experiences.  If you had fought long and hard in World War I and saw many soldiers and friends die, wouldn’t you be ready for the war to be officially over?  Wouldn’t that be the day you were waiting for?  This is a picture of military officers and politicians standing on furniture so that they can witness the signing of the Treaty of Versailles!  How cool!  Share it with your students when you talk about World War I.

Louis Armstrong Video

This is a neat video about Louis Armstrong touring Europe.  It shows some GREAT footage of him playing!



Women’s Suffrage Online Quiz

I found this 10 question quiz about women’s suffrage that I thought would be an interesting way to start class the day you cover the Women’s Suffrage Movement or the 19th amendment.  See how much your students know before you discuss women’s suffrage!



Photo:  Library of Congress – Public Domain
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