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LTH 016 – How to Plan and Pace Your US History Course

In this episode, I’ll show you a way to quickly plan out your entire US History course.  I’ll also discuss a few ways to get caught up if you are behind, and you’ll learn why it’s not the end of the world if you don’t cover all of the content in the book.


Show Notes and Resources:

How I Organized My Units

Random Acts of Kindness:  True Stories of America’s Civil War – Book on Amazon


LTH 015 – Battle of Britain

In this episode, I’ll give you tons of free resources to help you teach the Battle of Britain.  Get a discussion starter, video recommendations, assignment ideas, and more!


Show Notes and Resources

Discussion Starter

Free World War II Worksheet/Summary on TPT (scroll down to page 5 and 6)

Battle of Britain PowerPoint (skip to slide 23 for the B of B stuff)

Good Summary Video Adolf Hitler: Battle of Britain – Biography.com Video (2:11)

Winston Churchill – Video on History Channel (5:11)

Animated Summary of the Blitz – Video on History Channel (1 min.)

Interviews with Battle of Britain Veterans – Video (3:44)

Air Raid Siren Sound Effect on iTunes

Battle of Britain Assignments

Part of Churchill’s Battle of Britain Speech – Audio only

Text of End of Churchill’s Battle of Britain Speech

Interactive Infographic (scroll down past the picture of the plane and give it a second to load)

RAF Infographic

Photo:  MH65477 from Imperial War Museum
Intro music clip of “I Dunno” by Grapes CC BY-ND 3.0

LTH 014 – Documenting Student Behavior

In this episode, I discuss the importance of documenting student behavior and give you an easy way to do so.  Stay tuned for interesting facts at the end!

Student Behavior Record with Checkboxes

Student Behavior Record Blank

Parent Communication Log

Intro music clip of “I Dunno” by Grapes CC BY-ND 3.0

LTH 013 – Thomas Edison Fun Facts Quiz

In this episode, I’ll tell you how to use a fun facts quiz in your classroom to grab your students’ attention.  I’ll also give you some awesome (and little-known) facts about Thomas Edison.

My New Product on TPT – Create a Twitter Page for a Historical Figure:  Template and 46 Assignments

Thomas Edison Fun Facts Free PowerPoint (See link below to purchase the full version with pictures and interesting facts.)

Full Thomas Edison Fun Facts Quiz and Powerpoint on TPT

Ford and Edison’s Excellent Camping Adventures” – Cool article from History.com

Picture Source: Library of Congress, Public Domain
Intro music clip of “I Dunno” by Grapes CC BY-ND 3.0


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