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Enter to Win a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

TPT is having a big sale this week, and I have a promotional $10 gift card to give away!  Ju...

Great Discussion Starter About the Cold War

If you have ever watched anything on Discovery or TLC or History Channel, at some point you’...

Assignment Ideas for the Week Before Christmas Break

You know it’s coming. That dreaded “week before Christmas break.” It’s a time when it’s ever...

Eli Whitney Videos and Cotton Gin Craft

Eli Whitney.  You’ve all heard of him.  You know, he’s that guy that indirectly ...

"Lauren is one of those rare, gifted professionals that combines love for the subject with a genuine concern for and understanding of student needs. The products she creates have the stamp of excellence and commitment for which she is already well-known."

Tatyana Claytor


Love the creative elements to these activities! My students really loved doing them. Thanks for the rubric and providing everything needed for this packet. It rocks!

Feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers

This is my third product that I have purchased, and I am very pleased with all of them! Caravel Curriculum has created a compilation of engaging activities which come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and also with activity examples and peer & teacher rubrics. I highly recommend purchasing from Caravel Curriculum!

Feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers

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